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    Pay Per Post Rocks

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    To all Bloggers... Pay Per Post really rocks... I got my 1st payment today from them today... In this day of competitive marketing PPP(Pay Per Post not Pay Per Clicks) is the best
    . The whole process is transparent.
    No Ban as in Pay Per Click Ad Network like Google Adsense. These people Pay for real with all peace of mind. No need to be afraid of Ban which is common in PPC due to click frauds beyond control of Publishers. PPP is really safer in that as we are payed for posting and no frauds possible except Quality contents... No more tension of Ban...
    I got to know them from their sites ads.
    Worth the try for me.

    Their support is a point to note. I had a small problem in payment as i entered a wrong paypal Id. They responded immediately with a new payment without ant Fuss. The support was instant in reply and pointed the error rightly... Thanks a lot


    3 Responses to “Pay Per Post Rocks”

    1. # Blogger bharavi reddy


      hi prethi

      what is the add program u are using at the bottom of ur blog... are they adsense or some other... pls can u tell me


    2. # Blogger sam

      hi prethi

      how are you, my self vipin from india. i gave ur reference mark.
      i would like to know more about "pay per post"
      pls tell me more.


    3. # Anonymous Anonymous

      hi prethi.
      i am handi. i am on your msn. :D
      you said that you will link exchange, but no link from you to us?

      to bharavi reddy :
      it is CJ.


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