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    A Master of Business Administration degree with a focus in Information Technology prepares professionals to design and use technological information systems, including computing systems, as solutions to business, research and communications support needs.

    A MBA in Information Technology will teach students the principles of computer hardware and software components, algorithms, databases, telecommunications, user stratedies, assessment and design. Lot to learn from best MBA Schools

    MBA degree is the best.


    4 Responses to “Master of Business Administration (MBA): Information Technology Degree”

    1. # Anonymous Anonymous

      hey preethi ..arva hr
      i wud like to hav more info on mba(it) n its future prospects...
      ryt now m doin d last yr of bcom with software engineering from gniit...
      so wud u plss help me out as i wud like to pursue mba(it) after my graduation...
      so u can add me in tht case so tht we can hav a chat on yahoo msgr... n my id's arva_najam@yahoo.com
      c ya n hoping for ur co-operation n reply  

    2. # Anonymous Business Administration Education

      I am planning to enroll on this one. It's not that I am not contented in what I had learned in college but getting into graduate school is probably a great idea as I can learn more here.  

    3. # Anonymous Anonymous

      hi Preeti Jennifer here........
      i would like to know about the career options that are availble for students who have pursued BBA-IT after 12th and then MBA-IT after that.
      ID: teejay_227@yahoo.co.in  

    4. # Anonymous Anonymous

      Hey Monark Here: would like to know more about MBA(IT) as i would like to enroll for it. M in last year Bachelor's of Computer Application and really looking forward to join it for ma further studies i would like to know it's fees structure, best colleges, etc

      plz do send me information to:

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