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    Free Phone to Phone Calls

    Just when you thought, VOIP Guide is slowing down on FREE VOIP and free call offers. We are back with some great news for our Phone to Phone free call lovers. This time Raketu does it again.

    Raketu is a leading VOIP/IPTV services company. However their focus is more on the integrated VOIP/IPTV platform. However lately they started concentrating on the VOIP and especially free calls business to push their bundled product.

    We blogged about their free calls offer to over 40 countries . That offer was limited to Now they are going one step further by offering phone to phone free calls.

    Raketu now offers users free phone-to-phone calling using our RakWeb Calling service. Raketu's RakWeb service does not require any software download and can be accessed directly from any web browser, and from mobile devices at Raketu.Mobi

    The way it works: Make a pre-payment to your Raketu account, and you will recieve up to 1200 free minutes per month for 3 months. These minutes can be used for: phone-to-phone calling. If both phones are in the Raketu free calling zones, you can talk for up to 600 minutes for free. If only one of the phones is in a Raketu free calling zone, you can talk for up to 1200 minutes on the free calling zone phone. Of course, if you phone is not in Free Calling Zone then normal rates apply.

    Impressed? Go Register at Raketu
    and make Free Phone to Phone Calls.

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