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    To all Bloggers... Pay Per Post really rocks... I got my 1st payment today from them today... In this day of competitive marketing PPP(Pay Per Post not Pay Per Clicks) is the best
    . The whole process is transparent.
    No Ban as in Pay Per Click Ad Network like Google Adsense. These people Pay for real with all peace of mind. No need to be afraid of Ban which is common in PPC due to click frauds beyond control of Publishers. PPP is really safer in that as we are payed for posting and no frauds possible except Quality contents... No more tension of Ban...
    I got to know them from their sites ads.
    Worth the try for me.

    Their support is a point to note. I had a small problem in payment as i entered a wrong paypal Id. They responded immediately with a new payment without ant Fuss. The support was instant in reply and pointed the error rightly... Thanks a lot


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    The Master of Computer Science: Computer Systems degree is a 2 to 5 year program in computer science that teaches students about data communications, database design, management information systems, modeling and simulation techniques, operating systems and programming languages. A Master of Computer Science with a focus in Computer Systems Security will spend considerable time teaching students about how general systems work, as well as how to protect computer systems from hackers.
    Hackers are an increasing threat to computer safety. This means the demand for security professionals who are familiar with computer systems will grow at a rapid pace. Security professionals are highly trained individuals that evaluate a system's weaknesses and identify risks, contain attacks on a computer network and prevent the theft of sensitive or confidential information.
    According to the De Anza College website, careers in network engineering, database security engineering, data security analysis, and security software engineering will increase over the following years. Be an integral part of this growing field with a Master of Computer Science: Computer Systems degree.
    A Master of Computer Science degree program in Computer Systems prepares students to anticipate security threats against computer systems. This program is designed for those who have a bachelor's degree in a computer-related subject. The Computer Systems degree involves developing, implementing and repairing security precautions.
    Required Coursework
    Courses commonly found within a Master of Computer Science degree program focusing on Computer Systems may include:
    Network Technology
    Enterprise Systems Security
    Operating Systems and Applications
    Project Risk Management
    Security Management Practices
    Information Technology Theory
    Enterprise Security
    Technical Communications
    Project Management
    System Development Theory and Practice
    Enterprise Application Testing
    Quality Assurance
    Business Foundations
    To attend a Master of Computer Science degree program, you must have a bachelor's degree from an accredited university or college. Often, students must pass the GRE and submit a personal statement and letters of recommendation. Some institutions offering Master's programs may have additional admissions requirements.
    Career Related Information
    Upon completing a Computer Systems degree program, you will have developed the skills needed to anticipate security threats for a company that you would like to work for. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average median salary for computer systems analysts is in the high-sixties.


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    A Master of Business Administration degree with a focus in Information Technology prepares professionals to design and use technological information systems, including computing systems, as solutions to business, research and communications support needs.

    A MBA in Information Technology will teach students the principles of computer hardware and software components, algorithms, databases, telecommunications, user stratedies, assessment and design. Lot to learn from best MBA Schools

    MBA degree is the best.


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    When it comes to medical schools in the USA they can now be classified under two categories. There are those schools which concentrate on the research side and those schools which focus all their attention on teaching their students about primary care matters. However when it comes to choosing which is the best medical school can be very difficult to achieve as some have a much higher reputation than others. For example you could say that Harvard is the best, but this is probably world wide this is the most well known.
    But even if we were to put together a definitive list of what are the best and worst medical schools in the USA today. It does not mean that a student which to attend them can just apply for admission to get in to carry out their studies. Unfortunately if a medical school ranks highly then their requirement standards will be much higher. Often such schools will expect those applying to them to have a better Grade Point Average (GPA) as well as they will want their potential enrollees to sit a much more difficult MCAT (Medical School Admissions Test). But there are also other factors a student will need to take into when applying to such a good medical school as the school in question will look at where the student actually resides and how well their essay that they need to complete as part of their application was written.
    Although certainly there are a number of advantages to be gained from attending and studying at one of the best medical schools in the USA. Certainly the degree you obtain from this type of school will help in obtaining a better position and often those students who rank highly at such an institute will find themselves being rewarded a much better residency position at some of the best medical establishments in the country today.
    When it comes to looking for the best medical school in relation to research studies and training there are a number of different ones that a student can consider. These are namely Harvard University, Duke University, John Hopkins University along with the University of California San Francisco. Whilst Oregon Health & Science University and the Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine are considered to be some of the best schools that provide students with excellent training relating to primary care matters. You can read more free advice on medical school


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    It's a tough question, complicated by the larger question in which it's embedded: Must we give up our way of life? The fabric of life in many differing socities is woven with roads, mobility, ease of transport.

    Petrol fueled engines have made all of this possible, but they're also partly responsible for pollutants that foul the air we breathe and now, we learn, for global warming. The larger question includes other factors such as deforestation, coal fired energy plants, oil refineries and other manufacturing, population growth and consumer driven economies.

    Some changes must be made in how we live. We can make them or nature will. Most people, even those who call global warming a hoax, recognize this. The real question behind various postures taken is: Whose life must change, and how? Biofuels are not a realistic alternative. They are a Shell game, an Exxon herring.

    Even if they achieve carbon neutrality, they do not result in a reduction of CO2, and they take land out of crop production now increasingly needed as population continues to grow. Hydrogen fuel is more realistic, both for cars and for generation of energy. (Where is the Manhatten Project for hydrogen fusion?) Electric cars already exist and can effectively compete with petrol fueled cars in every way, given that we design better batteries and solar cells. (Where is the technomagic when we need it?)

    The solution is simple and inexpensive. We must electrify our transit. We need to move freight by electric locomotives, and we need to move people in electric vehicles. As we make that switch, all increases in electrical demand must be met with renewable wind and solar energy. The federal government must lead through example and mandate that 95% of all new postal and congressional vehicles purchased after 2010 must be battery electric vehicles.


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    Sensex hits 20,000

    After a three-day hiatus, FIIs became net buyers on Monday at Rs 688 crore.

    The Sensex surged above 20,000 for the first time on Monday in tune with other Asian markets, as traders priced in another rate cut by the US Federal Reserve this week.

    Expectations of a status quo in the Reserve Bank of India’s monetary policy stance also contributed to the rally, which saw the index ending up 3.82 per cent, or 734.50 points, at 19,977.97, just off a high of 20,024.87 hit in late trade.

    After a three-day hiatus, foreign institutional investors (FIIs) became net buyers on Monday at Rs 688 crore. The fact that there is no pressure on them to unwind their holdings through participatory notes was the buying trigger on Monday.

    Analysts said the new Sebi norms on issuance of P-notes had been quite accommodative. As most P-notes linked to equities and issued by sub-accounts will be regularised as soon as they register as FIIs, foreign investors are under no pressure to unwind them even after 18 months.

    The index has now risen 27.5 per cent since the US rate cut and almost 43 per cent — or almost 6,000 points — since its weakest close during the subprime crisis in August. The record-setting run has been driven by foreign funds, which have bought a net $17 billion of shares this year up to Friday.

    The broader 50-share NSE index rose 3.57 per cent to 5,905.90 points, after hitting a record high of 5,922.50 during trade. In the broader market 1,551 gainers led 1,186 losers in a total volume of 470 million shares.

    “Healthy Q2 earnings and continued liquidity are helping the indices to new highs. Most of the overseas funds are coming into highly liquid large-cap stocks,” said Motilal Oswal, chairman of Motilal Oswal Financial Services Ltd, a leading brokerage and financial services company.

    “No doubt, we are in euphoric territory. But, if our infrastructure story clicks, the current valuations are justified,” said Ashith Kampani, director, JM Financial Group. “Corporate earnings numbers have also met expectations,” he added.

    Shares in Reliance Industries, the biggest stock in the index, rose 5 per cent to Rs 2,827, propelling the company’s market capitalisation to $104.2 billion. The market capitalisation of the Indian stock market is now $1.58 trillion, or Rs 62.39 trillion (Rs 1 trillion = Rs 1 lakh crore), after investor wealth swelled by Rs 1,76,492 crore on Monday.

    The Sensex, trading at a price-to-earnings multiple of 26.32 times, appears still at reasonable levels compared to China’s 50-plus levels, according to experts. But valuations are stretched compared to the price-to-earnings multiple of 18.52 times when the index crossed the 10,000-mark on February 6, 2006.


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