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    I am very happy to read about mukesh ambani named as worlds richest man, but what about our country we are still called the worlds poorest country no employement no homes no food farmers are commiting sucide illetracy groing etc can he build a better india then becoming the worlds richest man god save my country and those people who fought for my country gandhiji,subash chandra bose,bhagat sing,lalalajpatrai they were not the richest man but they were world famous what is the use of being worlds richest man if you cannot build your country good luck mr mukesh ambani

    While Mukhesh Ambani stands tall as the richest person in the world, India stand at 94th rank in Global Hunger Index 2007. This is incredible India!

    Mukesh Abmani consider whole of Reliance Industries Ltd as his parental property. He conveniently forgets that he is a shareholder and also takes salary for the jobs he does for the limited company. He has absolutely no legal and ethical right consider the total value of Reliance to declare his own personal asset that makes his “ the richest in the world”. Mukesh needs some lesson on corporate governance and honesty from people like Ratan Tata, who declined (to Forbes magazine) to consider Tata Sons as his own property, unlike the Ambanis. We can purchase degrees even from universities like Stanford but not education. No wonder Reliance has a pathetic reputation as an employer and very poor employee retention record.


    8 Responses to “Mukesh Ambani world's richest man...What Use of that”

    1. # Anonymous Techie

      Niceeeeee article prethi!  

    2. # Anonymous Anonymous

      you are absolutely right. i stand by your views.

    3. # Anonymous Anonymous

      ur view is right....
      but wat do you think that each of the citizen should do.....?
      And wats all ur idea tat u hold in ur mind that every one should be like Mukesh Ambani.......
      Wil u give me some ideas....
      I'm waiting  

    4. # Anonymous Anonymous

      Envy is a bad advisor, my dear.. :(  

    5. # Anonymous Anonymous

      Where did you find that he is considering the total value of reliance to declare his own personal asset ??
      He is not.
      His wealth is estimated by media/forbes not him.
      Hunger/Poverty in india is not Mukesh's problem or responsibility. He is a businessman and his job is to make money for reliance's shareholders and he happens to be one of the biggest shareholder.  

    6. # Blogger prem

      I am not happy to read about mukesh ambani named as worlds richest man...sorry to say this......he is not a india.mukesh ambani is a richest man.I accept.But india is not a rich country......  

    7. # Blogger KARAN

      Let me remind u Preethi that Mukesh ambani has always worked hard to help himself and therefore, he succeeded. He did not promise to help India or its people. He is a businessman and has done what a successful enterprenuer should do to drag wealth. There is no question to take India in this controversy. Yes its good for Indians, they are fortunate to take a lesson that they can also conquer the world like Mukesh...
      If anyone wants to reply then please mail me at karangupta.iitb@gmail.com  

    8. # Blogger us

      comeon yaar,
      he is a business man. his responsibility is towards the stakeholders, not the whole populace of India. he never created poverty..  

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