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    I know..its too late in the day to discuss cloning, cos every one who has anything to say about it has said it. But, I just read this article a few days ago about increasing the interactions between aam junta and khaas scientists!

    And I guess, these interactions must really really increase with the scientists involved in human cloning. Because it seems to me, that they are convinced that one of the key problems that humanity faces is that there are apparently just too few of us.

    I am sure some bored scientist, looked around his lab, which must've looked empty to him, and he thought "Chal yaar, lets try and figure out how to make this place look more crowded!", and if the scientist was really as smart as we are made to beleive then who would know that music and free booze is the most effective way to make any place crowded.

    From what I gather, cloning is basically a technology that allows us to have offsprings without the conventional means of reproduction, which is ironical, cos aam junta is trying to figure out ways of achieving just the opposite. Some one needs to go and tell these scientists, " Bhaiyya, aapne galat turn le liya, ap agle signal pe u-turn maar lijiye"

    Or to better assess the possible commercial demand of cloning, lets try this simple exercise. Think of (A). Number of People in your life currently that you would want two of? (B). Number of people in your life that you cant even put up with one of? and (C). Number of people in your life that you would want none of?

    I am guessing C would be leading the list.

    Would cloning help us achieve that? I think not.

    And for the small number of cases as response to (A),lets reconsider. Could two Mithun's posisble accompolish anything that one Mithun can not ?, Would the Total of double chins in two Bappi's be something that one Bappi can not achieve? Or as an Engineer would put it, is twice of infinity any less than infinity? I see the number of entries in A drop already.

    What we really need is a scientist to help is solve the problem mentioned in (C). Any volunteers?

    1 Responses to “The Attack of the Clone(ing Scientists)”

    1. # Anonymous injenx

      Science as of now is not to solve the mystery of our existence but now it has become more of like how we are going to live in future.
      Cloning as of now i know is used for healthy animals reproduction to use them as food.

      As far the human cloning is concerned it will take a giant leap to get in to that. as such enough research has already been done to make every child a einstien but that is not yes lagitimate or ethical to go ahead with such step. As you also believe the same for that.

      What about future, when possible foray to the mars gets possible then how about make a human clone to get a new evolution on the lonely planet.

      Science has to progress anyway!  

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